Support production-friendly bills in the 2021 legislative session.

OMPA is the statewide advocate for Oregon’s media production industry. Our efforts include developing policy, building relationships with legislators, educating constituents, training member advocates, and much more.

We have an exciting, yet tough few months ahead for the 2021 legislative session. We are advancing three (3) bills that would support a more thriving and equitable production industry here in Oregon. Here you can learn about the bills, sign up to take action, or endorse any of the bills on behalf of your company/organization.

What are the 3 Production-Friendly Bills?

SB 43

Senate Bill 43 (SB 43) extends both the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) and the Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate (GOLR) programs for an additional 6 years. We are requesting this extension “out of cycle” (program expires 1/1/24) because of our need to have a multi-year program in place to attract and support TV series, interactive games, and feature animation projects.

HB 3244

House Bill 3244 (HB 3244) increases the annual Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) from $14M per year to $20M and ties out with the Governor’s Recommended Budget that came out in fall 2020.

HB 3010

House Bill 3010 (HB 3010) requires incentivized projects to have a written Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy, make good-faith efforts to hire according to that policy, report hiring statistics, and have a specific reporting mechanism for harassment and discrimination.

How can I offer my support?


Sign up to take action, like meeting with your legislators or providing a simple testimonial to us.


Make an official endorsement on behalf of your organization or company. No group is too big or small!


Become a member of Oregon’s statewide network of production professionals and services.


Donate now to support OMPA’s mission with a gift to be used however it’s needed most.

Questions? Call Christian Berk at 908-787-3353, or email him at advocacy@OMPA.org.

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