OMPA is the trade organization for media production professionals in Oregon.

We advocate for production-friendly policies, support a diverse professional network, and provide new opportunities for our members at all levels of their careers and in all areas of media production.

When you become a member of OMPA, your membership connects you to the statewide community and helps strengthen the ecosystem of media production in Oregon.


Our mission is to create and sustain a thriving and equitable, business and creative environment for media professionals in the state of Oregon.


OMPA is the collective voice of media professionals at the city, county and state levels. We work to secure policies that create jobs, equity and economic growth in media production and our adjacent industries.


OMPA brings together Oregon’s dynamic community of media production professionals to help our members expand their professional networks and discover new opportunities, at every stage of their careers.


OMPA attracts new productions and jobs by showcasing the full breadth of Oregon’s extensive media production talent and resources. We provide opportunities to build skills and enhance teams, to assure that our media production talent continues to advance in creativity, technical ability, and diversity.


• Lobby on behalf of the industry (eg. hire lobbyist)
• Support production friendly policymakers (eg. provide them access to our industry, inform the members, get out the vote)
• Build and leverage a common, organized voice for political influence (eg. constantly build up our database of production professionals)
• Share information that supports our members/their work (eg. newsletter, jobs email)
• Provide opportunities for connection, inspiration, collaboration (eg. events, access to others in the community)
• Advance diversity, equity and inclusion on an industry-wide level (eg. Diversity Pledge, Creatives of Color Collaborative)
• Promote the incredible talent base here in Oregon (eg. directory, Annual Showcase)



We understand the challenges and opportunities of our industry in the state of Oregon and create avenues for solutions and progress.


We are only as strong as our membership. We encourage and embrace membership of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identifications and backgrounds, all levels of career, and all areas of media production. We believe our community is stronger when it includes members with diverse experiences and skill sets.


We actively seek new ways to ensure that our members have a business and creative environment that is conducive to success, growth, inclusivity, and economic strength and stability.


(1) Showcase our members within this community of professionals, to the business community at large, potential clients, and a national and international audience

(2) Advocate for production-friendly policies from the city to the state level

(3) Serve as the link to the broader production community through relevant, timely information and opportunities for meaningful connections

(4) Support a statewide, comprehensive, and diverse membership

(5) Effectively communicate OMPA’s unique role in the community

(6) Build our organization’s capacity



Made up of our leadership team—President Roland Gauthier, VP Patty Brebner, Secretary Annie Tonsiengsom and Interim Treasurer Noah Stanik. The Executive Team is elected by the board of directors annually. 

We are currently seeking a volunteer CFO/Treasurer. Please reach out to president@ompa.org if you or someone you know fits that need.


Board members are installed for two-year terms and are elected by our members. Open seats left by outgoing board members are filled annually.