Stakeholders meet with the Oregon Legislative POC (People of Color) Caucus earlier this week to talk about the economic impact of our industry and how to increase access to it.

We have a busy 2021 advocacy agenda this year, between the legislative session and work with the City of Portland. We recognize that while not everyone in the industry directly benefits from the tax incentive program, the indirect benefits are far-reaching. Here’s where we’re at on some of our key advocacy efforts:

Senate Bill 43 (SB 43)

This bill would extend the incentives for another six years. The bill moved out of Senate Revenue and is now headed to the Joint Tax Credit Committee. Thank you for your letters of support—they were noticed by committee members!

House Bill 3010 (HB 3010)

This bill, initiated by OMPA’s DEI Committee, takes a first step toward creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive productions. Thank you for sending in your written testimony recently. Even Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein shared her support! The bill is still in committee with ongoing discussions around how to gain bipartisan support. 

House Bill 3244 (HB 3244)

This bill aims to expand the incentive fund from $14 million to $20 million to help attract and retain more production here in Oregon. Once the hearing is set, we’ll again be asking you to make your voices heard. Stay tuned! 

Portland Film Office

The Portland Film Office Work Group meets bi-weekly to ensure the City is acknowledging the value of the industry, accommodating it, and amplifying the message that Portland is welcoming to production business. 

Thank you to all of you who participated in meetings with legislators, spoke at hearings, sent your written testimony, and contributed via OMPA committees. This is a team effort to support a strong ecosystem here in Oregon that everyone benefits from. We appreciate seeing members of this community step up and contribute when needed. We can’t do this work without you—or the ongoing support of the membership at large.