OMPA Teams Up With Muse Storytelling for August Media Mixer

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Muse Storytelling sponsored OMPA’s August Media Mixer, which took place on August 16th. The event was held on a rooftop in SE Portland at Muse’s headquarters, and all 130 attendees got to enjoy a delightful late-summer Portland afternoon.

Muse Storytelling is a breakthrough storytelling process that empowers filmmakers to build connections with their audience and reach their greatest potential. There are now over 3000 Musers worldwide, and that number continues to grow. You can find out more about them here. 

At OMPA’s Rooftop Media Mixer, Muse Storytelling gathered guests to listen to brave volunteers speak about their passion projects, vision and the obstacles that they face. Afterwards guests were encouraged to approach these volunteers and use their community resources to identify solutions. This lead to engaging interactions from both sides.
Media Mixer Sponsorships:
There are only a few Media Mixer sponsorships left for purchase up through September 2018. Media Mixer sponsors save 30% on advertising in SourceOregon. It’s a great opportunity to bring people together. The next Media Mixer will be held at Pro Photo Supply this September or October. Details to be determined and will be announced soon.
See August’s successful Media Mixer in photos: