FORTITUDE | Go with the flow (and drink an awesome cup of tea)

I wouldn’t know how to deal with the pressure. I mean, show up at 7:00am and not only produce but also write KGW’s News at Noon by the time the clock strikes twelve, five days a week?

That’s OMPA member Christian Henry‘s day job — even now during COVID.

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Where to find COVID testing resources for your Oregon production or business

Wondering where to get help with COVID testing for your Oregon production? Check out this comprehensive list of Oregon companies that can conduct and/or process various COVID-related tests. 

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FORTITUDE | Climb every mountain (and enjoy your cupcakes)

How Portland filmmaker Devin Fei-Fan Tau views the world we live in I first met Devin Tau in a very long line outside the Hollywood […]

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FORTITUDE | Hand Sanitizer or Stress Reducer?

How Dig One helps its community of media professionals stay creative This story begins with a bottle of Maker’s Mark on Dig One’s front desk. […]

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A Conversation on Portland’s Cultural Sector with City Commissioner Candidate Dan Ryan

We teamed up with fellow Portland creative industry advocates MusicPortland and Regional Arts & Culture Council to present this conversation with City Commissioner Special Election Candidates […]

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