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KIFF 2018: OMPA Winners & Selections

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We took a road trip down to Klamath Falls in September to make new friends in the Southern part of the state and see our members’ work at the sixth-annual Klamath Independent Film Festival. Nearly half of the films selected for KIFF had OMPA members on crew! Here’s a look at the winners and selected films:

Featured Works

Winner – Northern Feature category: Seaside

Seaside Short Film Klamath Independent Film Festival

Simon Max Hill Casting, Johnny Buell, Kevin Forrest, Todd Robinson, Rachel Mossey


Winner – Northern Shorts category: Two Balloons

Two Balloons Northern Short Winner Klamath Independent Film Festival

HouseSpecial, Adam Sager, Cosmo Spada


Runner up – Northern Shorts Category: Mr. Peterson

Mr Peterson Northern Short Klamath Independent Film Festival

Josh Young, Devin Tau


Second runner up – Northern Shorts Category: Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs Abby Thompson Klamath Independent Film Festival

Abby Thompson, Efrem Peter, Elizabeth Nguyen


Opening Night Feature: Lean On Pete

Lean on Pete Klamath Independent Film Festival

Kai Shelton, Kent Luttrell, Sam Curtis, Amber Arpin, Sean Rawls, Jake Lyon, Simon Max Hill Casting, Rachel Mossey, Brian Brose, Lauren Henry, Janet Beeson, Kate Koeninger, Dan Schaefer, Chris Ihlenfeldt, Darren Demetre, Julie Carnahan, Christina Kortum




Unicorn Klamath Independent Film Festival

Devin Tau, Todd Robinson, Josh Young, Bryan Minus, Gus McTigue



Obscura Klamath Independent Film Festival

Chris Vanderschaaf



Ragland Jesse Widener Klamath Independent Film Festival

Jesse Widener (Klamath Film)


For the Road

For the Road Klamath Independent Film Festival

Simon Scott



Redemption Klamath Independent Film Festival

Samuel Neff


North & Nowhere

North & Nowhere Klamath Independent Film Festival

Scott Ballard, Kevin Forrest



Arcana Klamath Independent Film Festival

Noel Adams


Congratulations to all who had their work recognized at KIFF, the premier Oregon-centric film fest! Click here to see the full list of winners and participants. 


Also, a special thanks to everyone who stopped by our Media Mixer before the opening night gala. 



Finally, check out these fun pics captured by Jason McMurry at the opening reception:



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