Pathways Coordinator





OMPA is the business association for people who create across media and throughout Oregon. Our mission is to support and shape a thriving, diverse, and ever-expanding industry for creators in this community by:

  • Shaping Policy: We are the collective voice of the creative industry at the city, county, and state levels. We work to secure policies that create jobs, equity, and economic growth in Oregon’s creative industries.

  • Growing Community: We bring together Oregon’s creators to help them expand their professional networks and discover new opportunities at every stage of their careers.

  • Providing Resources: We are the trusted source of information and resources to help you succeed in your career.

We value team members who help bring our mission to life through excellence, authenticity, compassion, passion, creativity and collaboration. OMPA is also looking for board members who are interested and engaged in rethinking the culture of our industry, with equity as a guiding principle.

OMPA is a small organization powered by passionate, committed members of this local community. We are a place where you can be part of something bigger and create meaningful change right here for media creators in Oregon.

PATHWAYS is a workforce development initiative that exists to provide a pathway for entrance to, and sustained success in, production work in our Oregon Media Industry. The program looks to open the doors to traditionally underserved communities to attract, train and employ participants from marginalized communities and others as crew members on projects such as television series, short films, feature films, animation content, interactive gaming and commercial production.

PATHWAYS exists to promote an inclusive, healthy, growing and diverse industry of content creators in Oregon through active, “on-set” paid internship programs. Through subsidized, curated placements matched to the mentee, the program aims to create sustained employment opportunities and experiences to a diverse group of filmmakers.

The program is currently administered by Oregon Film and its partners (including IATSE, OMPA, and Outside the Frame) and this position is funded by the Creative Opportunity Fund.

OMPA is currently incubating a new 501c3 (a charitable organization that serves the greater good) that operates in collaboration with our existing 501c6 (a business association that serves its members). This 501c3 is focused on programs that help create a more equitable media production industry here in Oregon. Those programs currently include workforce development, events for creatives of color to connect, collaborate and grow, and a film festival showcasing underrepresented talent. Until the 501c3 becomes a stand alone entity, it is functioning as a committee under OMPA's umbrella. That committee is made up of a Committee Chair who is strategically leading the work and Committee Members who are contributing to its vision.


This position runs for seven months from April - October.

Must be based in Oregon.

Compensation is $6,000.

Payment schedule and amounts to be developed upon hiring.

Primary goals include:

  • Develop mentorship program, develop promotion of mentorship program

  • Develop onboarding program, develop promotion of Pathways opportunities

  • Develop vision/growth plan

The Pathways Production Coordinator is a new contracted position, created by OMPA in order to support and further develop the Pathways Program.

While the program has been successful, there is great potential for expansion both in terms of number of placements and additional offerings to create a more inclusive industry. We are seeking someone to support and maintain the administration of ongoing placements, to create a roadmap for further development of the program, to begin to expand the resources offered and potentially, to assist with fundraising for the program.

The contractor will work directly with OMPA's Executive Director for support while the 501c3 Committee Chair(s) provide strategic direction and final sign off on deliverables.


  • Place 8-12 individuals into the program including soliciting applicants,Interviewing Pathways candidates + writing summaries of their interests and relevant experience.

  • Develop mentorship program including what’s expected, compensation (if any), how to solicit and pair mentors

  • Pair 10 mentors and mentees and ensure their success by Maintain communication with mentees, Follow up with mentees and mentors

  • Work with OMPA’s 501c3 Committee to co-host 2-3 training sessions for Pathways mentors and/or productions.

  • Develop onboarding program for on-set placements with new productions, helping them understand their role

  • Develop promotional material and outreach plan to Promote the program to production companies and potential mentors

  • Bring in one new source of funding for the program including Work with OMPA grant writer to identify grant opportunities and refine applications.

  • Create written vision for the development and growth program (over 1-3 years?) that will inspire donors, partners and the community to get involved

  • Build 1 new strategic opportunities and partnerships to enrich the Pathways experience for mentees.

  • Create report analyzing the program's strengths/weakness/opportunities/challenges and define how to best improve/expand the program

  • If time/budget allows, execute on some of those recommendations (eg. build mentorship program, secure new partners, fundraise, develop promotional materials)?

Additional requirements:

  • Meet monthly with OMPA's 501c3 Committee

  • Handle all assigned responsibilities professionally and dutifully.

  • Abide by our values of and culture of inclusivity and act as models of these traits within the community.

  • Act as a representative of the Pathways Program with integrity, professionalism and demonstrated commitment

  • Ensure that confidential information is treated responsibly and is not disclosed.


Candidates should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Familiarity with mentorship and mentee relationships

  • Ability to diplomatically acknowledge, navigate and weigh multiple viewpoints while maintaining momentum for the program’s objectives.

  • Familiarity or ability to effectively manage Google Documents, surveys, and Sheets

  • Attention to detail and ability to maintain and track data

  • Experience and proven ability to track projects overtime with consistency

  • Holistic, strategic thinker and problem solver with the ability to add value to the development of the program.

  • Ready and willing to contribute time, energy, skills and connections to the organization.

  • Commitment to ethics, diversity, equity, inclusion, civility and collaboration.

  • Currently serving in a position that can influence other members and stakeholders of the organization.

  • Inclusive and collaborative working style that challenges status quo and garners respect.

  • Able to work professionally and collaboratively with all levels of individuals across the association.

  • Effective communicator, written and verbal; comfortable participating in complex discussions with executive-level colleagues and new-to-workforce individuals – a diversity of people and abilities.

Willing and able to fulfill all the position’s essential duties and responsibilities.

Additional qualifications and experience that is valuable:

  • Previous nonprofit or workforce experience.

  • Program Coordinator or Administrator experience

  • Working with and/or within underrepresented communities

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work, activism, or training



As a contractor for the OMPA you will have:

  • An opportunity to help underrepresented community members explore the media industry

  • An opportunity to work with production companies and help them be more inclusive

  • An opportunity to enhance the value of OMPA to the production community

  • The chance to exchange ideas, build new relationships and advance commons goals with other industry leaders

  • A chance to hang out with cool film people!

OMPA will provide:

  • Communications platform

  • Internal tools

  • Introduction and network connections

  • Office space

  • Staff time


OMPA envisions the creation of an equitable media and creative arts industry. We strive to create a diverse, inclusive and thriving organization for our community. We welcome board members of underrepresented populations especially, but not limited to religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.


OMPA is a small organization powered by the passionate, committed members of this local community. We are a place where you can be part of something bigger and create meaningful change right here for media creators in Oregon.


Please send your resume and cover letter to the Pathways Hiring Committee at: We are soliciting applications through Friday, March 31, 2023.

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