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OMPA is the business association for people who create across media and throughout Oregon. Our mission is to support and shape a thriving, diverse, and ever-expanding industry for creators in this community by:

  • Shaping Policy: We are the collective voice of the creative industry at the city, county and state levels. We work to secure policies that create jobs, equity and economic growth in Oregon’s creative industries.

  • Growing Community: We bring together Oregon’s creators to help them expand their professional networks and discover new opportunities at every stage of their careers.

  • Providing Resources: We are the trusted source of information and resources to help you succeed in your career.

We value team members who help bring our mission to life through excellence, authenticity, compassion, passion, creativity and collaboration. OMPA is a small organization powered by passionate, committed members of this local community.

OMPA is currently incubating a new 501c3 (a charitable organization that serves the greater good) that operates in collaboration with our existing 501c6 (a business association that serves its members). This 501c3 is focused on programs that help create a more equitable media production industry here in Oregon. Those programs currently include workforce development, events for creatives of color to connect, collaborate and grow, and a film festival showcasing underrepresented talent. Until the 501c3 becomes a stand alone entity, it is functioning as a committee under OMPA's umbrella. That committee is made up of a Committee Chair who is strategically leading the work and Committee Members who are contributing to its vision.


This position will be responsible for Providing DEI training for the OMPA community. The job will require you to lead 2-3 training sessions for up to 50 people per session over the course of this calendar year.


This is a contract-based position that pays $5,000 for services rendered.

The contractor will work directly with OMPA's Executive Director for support while the 501c3 Committee Chair(s) provide strategic direction and final sign off on deliverables.


One of the key strategic goals of our organization is to Reconstruct Culture, and that begins with us.

We are seeking to challenge the status quo of the media production industry. In order to create a culture of inclusion and innovation, OMPA must foster change by confronting its past. Therefore, DEI training is a valuable element within this overall strategic goal.


As a DEI Trainer, you are expected to:

  • Co-create the curriculum for and facilitate two training sessions for up to 50 people per session over the course of the year (2023)

  • Work with the program coordinator to come up with a description of events, schedule the events, and market the events to the community

  • Thoughtfully research and engage with the DEI needs related to the media industry

  • Prepare materials and exercises for the training events that are catered to the needs of our industry, and be able to confidently facilitate a conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics

  • Handle all assigned responsibilities professionally

  • Abide by our values of and culture of inclusivity

  • Ensure that confidential information is treated responsibly and is not disclosed

  • Make recommendations based on engagement with community participants

  • Perform the requirements as established within the association’s bylaws, state laws and regulations


Prospective DEI Trainer should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Past experience facilitating DEI trainings to larger groups of people

  • Communication skill set for having meaningful conversations around charged topics

  • Toolkit of knowledge, resources, and techniques that can be shared with participants

  • Strong presentation skills

  • An organized approach to trainings

  • The ability to collaborate and work with OMPA staff to make sure the event is well-planned in a logistically sound manner

  • Invested in continuing education around current DEI practices, strategies, etc

  • Can develop real-world examples of DEI situations that are applicable to this specific industry

  • Awareness of how participants identify and how that may affect the group dynamic and their collective engagement

Additional qualifications and experience that is valuable:

  • Familiarity with the media industry

  • Inclusive and collaborative working style that respectfully challenges the status quo

  • Able to work professionally and collaboratively with all levels of individuals within the community

  • Experience leading and influencing change

  • Previous nonprofit experience


OMPA envisions the creation of an equitable media and creative arts industry. We strive to create a diverse, inclusive and thriving organization for our community. We welcome all populations especially, but not limited to religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.


We are soliciting applications through Friday, March 31, 2023

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