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November 23, 2015
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Busy 2014

By working together in Oregon we have tripled the business recruited from out of state over the last 5 years. That plus healthy commercial production business means more work for everyone whose job is impacted by Oregon's media production industry. OMPA members support this growth by:

  • Connecting our industry and its clients with a comprehensive statewide directory at SourceOregon.com
  • Promoting production-friendly policies with state and local government 
  • Sharing information and best practices in the craft and business of media production from member to member

Thank you for everything you do to create jobs in Oregon!

President's Letter: OMPA Feedback Survey- Lisa Cicala, August 2014

As the President of Oregon Media Production Association, I want to thank you for giving us the ability to serve you. OMPA strives to be the best advocate and resource it can be for Oregon’s media production industry. In an effort to improve our service to our membership and focus our efforts appropriately, we created a survey to collect your feedback. Can you please take a few moments to complete our short survey and let us know how we’re doing? Know that this survey is completely confidential - unless you choose to include your name at the end.

This survey is open to current members, past members, and potential members of the organization. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues in the industry to help us collect as much feedback as possible. Everyone who responds will be entered to win a fabulous prize! It will just take a few minutes. Respond now by clicking here

Can there ever be too much work?

A net result of our activities last year yielded an increase in state incentive funds resulting in 66% more feature film and television shows for Oregon this year. Next year we’ll need to ask the Oregon Legislature for an additional increase, as we are already turning away projects from Oregon as a result of the 2014-2015 OPIF incentive already having been fully allocated.

From the 5 inquiries we know about that were already turned away, we can make a case for doubling the incentive, and doubling the business. More >

Our Voice in Local government 

We are excited about the conversations that OMPA members have had with City Commissioners and City Commissioner candidates in Portland this past month. OMPA’s candidate interviews have really raised awareness with local leaders, and have positively impacted economic strategies as well as permitting policies... More >

OMPA Annual Meeting Celebrates Excellence

OMPA celebrated Oregon's industry with the Awards of Excellence at the OMPA annual meeting on Tuesday, January 28. Lana Veenker, C.S.A. (Cast Iron Studios) received the OMPA Award of Excellence, Sibyl Lazzara received the Rising Star award, and the Service and Inspiration award was given to Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek. Award of Excellence winner Lana Veenker had this to say... More >


If we don't offer producers a complete list of professionals to hire, they bring their crew and support from out of state. Don't let that happen! If you are a professional crew, vendor, producer, post-producer or actor in TV, commercial, film or interactive media:

List yourself in the SourceOregon production directory.

Oregon has the proven capacity to shoot major entertainment projects simultaneously along with countless television commercials, digital & web products, corporate videos, documentaries, local television and other video assets.  

OMPA members get $120 credit to purchase an extended listing and logo or reel link at no charge. We're always ready to add new listings online. More about the directory at www.ompa.org/directory.

Oregon is open for business

Deep and experienced crew, equipment, talent and other resources, amazing locations, incentives for major budget, indie-budget, post-production and video game projects, plus a world-class community of commercial, documentary and other production companies makes Oregon ideal for creative production. 

Join the community that supports the industry professionals: SourceOregon directory is accepting new submissions right now. OMPA members get a credit to list at no charge. Display advertisers get free listings and the advertising media kit is here

Listing is easy: www.SourceOregon.com/GetListed

OMPA celebrates legislative success at OMPA Classic 

Oregon's media production industry prepares for 67% expansion in jobs from the OPIF business recruitment incentive. Oregon now adds post-production and interactive video game production to the projects that benefit from the Indigenous incentive that OMPA wrote and passed into law four years ago that benefits Oregon indie producers.  

Industry members from around the state celebrated at the OMPA Classic, a scholarship fundraiser on Friday, July 12, 2013 in Welches, Oregon. Guests enjoyed:

  • Legendary blues man Curtis Salgado in concert with his band
  • Exceptional beer and wine complimentary at our Croquet and Awards Party (courtesy of Red Thread Entertainment and New Belgium Brewing/Bitterroot Media)
  • Putt-putt contest on a professionally-maintained mini-golf course 
  • The natural beauty of The Resort at The Mountain on Mount Hood
  • An unbeatable live and silent auction and raffle
  • Celebration of our work growing Oregon’s industry this year and into the future

It's Time to Earn More Money for Oregon

The OPIF (Oregon Production Investment Fund) is used to recruit production budgets from out of state into Oregon, and has a huge return on investment in jobs and tax revenues. 

Film__Television_in_Oregon_2003-2011.jpgDownload PDF with notes and Sources: Income from OPIF (2003-2011) 

Production Directory Released

We hear a lot about Oregon TV shows, movies, commercials, and interactive business in the press - what you might not know is how easy it is to tap into the media production resources that make Oregon one of the most cutting-edge creative centers in America today. Here’s how >

Great: Work!

We don't always brag about what incredible work we do together, but fortunately the press came out in full force at Industry Day to do so for us. Nice work!

When Oregon is so hard-hit for jobs, the legislature is happy to see a sector that performs well, takes advantage of Oregon's assets (our beautiful locations and our skilled technical and creative workforce) and puts money back in to the state from payroll tax revenues so the state can solve other problems of the day: like funding education. 

A weak economy plus federal government budget fiascos put Oregon's social programs in an even tougher spot. When Oregonians are employed however, the state makes money, and with fewer unemployed there is less draw on the state's social programs. This makes it easier for us to share the limited unemployment and other state resources we do have. No one likes tough economic times, but we are grateful to have jobs that help pay bills for all Oregonians.  

Thanks to the legislators and the public in Oregon for having the confidence in recruiting more projects from out of state to an industry that already impacts Oregon's economy by over $1 billion each year.

About: SourceOregon - Oregon's media production directory

sourceoregoncover.jpgEvery major producer and coordinator currently shooting in Oregon endorses SourceOregon as the best resource for hiring crew, equipment and services. Print and digital copies are distributed to each commercial, feature and television production company that considers shooting in the state.

This year SourceOregon publishes in magazine format, with editorial highlighting a selection of Oregon's best qualities. Look for the print edition in early April. Copies are free to OMPA members and any one hiring in state.   

SourceOregon is published in cooperation with OMPA, IATSESAG-AFTRA, MOPAN, SOFaT, the City of Portland and the Governor's Office of Film & Television among others. OMPA members now receive a $100 discount off their first listing. Display advertising is available both in print and online.

Order Listing >

Search Directory >

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

HealthCare.gov promises the opportunity for universal access to affordable health care.
If the requirements for health care insurance remain unclear, OMPA has a board member business advisor and insurance broker who works for our industry members' interests. Call or email for information on HealthCare.gov, Medicare, Medicaid, Oregon Health Plan or OMPA's own Dental/Vision coverage: 
Dennis Noreen
Strategy Insurance
OMPA Dental-Vision Plan >

Vision_Reimbursement_Form (Ameritas)

Special Legislative Note 

OMPA shares a common goal with all Oregonians to work together to grow jobs and economic activity and support a fiscally responsible state budget. In these economic times, this is an extremely challenging task for our state's elected leadership, just as it is for the private sector commerical, film, video, television and new media production industry that OMPA represents.  Media production however has proven itself as a bright spot in Oregon's economic landscape, presenting solutions for job growth and economic prosperity. The industry represents the jobs which manufacture the advertising, marketing, entertainment and communications that fuel the growth of a 21st Century economy.

The programs that encourage jobs in the media production industry build jobs and grow the economy while raising revenue for the state to pay for those efforts. The economic impact is immediate, reaches across many aspects and all regions of Oregon's economy, and cultivates an industry which promises to grow in the 21st Century.

The Numbers Add Up
Oregon's industry already accounts for $709 million per year in direct spending (and $1.39 billion of combined direct and indirect economic impact) according to the most recent analysis referenced here .  $600 milllion of that is from Oregon companies - commercial producers, independent producers, post-houses, broadcasts television producers, web video firms and others. 

To cultivate this industry and contribute to Oregon's creative industries infrastructure, our state stimulated investments from private projects to generate over $60 million increase in spending in Oregon in 2009 alone.  The cost to stimulate this investment in Oregon was 12% of the revenue earned, and the economic impact to the state is determined as: 

For every million dollars spent in Oregon by out-of-state productions, about $123,260 in state and local government revenues are generated.
Source: Economic Impact Analysis of the Oregon Film and Video Industry in 2007

That's 12% invested by government treasuries to attract projects, 12.3% returned.

Represented in dollars, in the last 5 years, the return to the state treasury was $1.5 million more than it spent, with $32.5 million allocated, $34 million returned. (See "Oregon Film Incentives Do More with Less" link above.)

Meanwhile, we've also generated at least $60 million dollars per year in spending in Oregon. That money came from out of state and wouldn't have existed in Oregon's economy otherwise.  More importantly, the investment means jobs and cash flow to actors, painters, photographers, writers, directors, camera people, animators, data technicians, and drivers (among many others) as well as a host of supportive Main Street businesses from hotels, leasing agents and banks to hardware stores, caterers, and craft stores. All while building resources and infrastructure to allow our industry to continue to thrive and employ tomorrow's workforce. 

The fact that the economic development programs that generated this activity returns more money to the state treasuries than is spent by them makes it a smart choice to move Oregon's economy forward, and a solution to Oregon's jobs crisis.  

We appreciate your taking the time to become better informed on this opportunity to increase employment and spur economic growth in Oregon.

Welcome Actors!

Drama-Logo_2.jpgOMPA promotes our top-notch talent among Oregon's resources to the production industry and welcomes actors in OMPA membership.


Register to Vote

Register to vote or register a business in Oregon with the Secretary of State: More >

About OMPA

OMPA is the voice of the professional members of Oregon's commercial, film, video, and interactive media production industry. You've heard a rising tide lifts all boats? We work together to raise the tide. More

Why support OMPA? 

OMPA is a voice for Oregon's commerical, film/TV, video, and new media production industry. We achieve our mission to grow jobs and business opportunities through various programs:

  • We collect Oregon professionals within a directory so that the professional industry is more readily accessed to make jobs and business happen
  • We promote Oregon as a production location so the local market will benefit from increased business 

  • We conduct workshops, advocate for jobs and economic development programs at state and local levels, and produce high-value professional networking events.

Members benefit from industry information, access to other industry professionals, and a forum to shape the future of Oregon's economy.  For more information, see "Join OMPA".