5 Questions for... Robin Hewitt

An interview with OMPA board member Robin Hewitt.
| By Lilly Joynes

Our member profiles are picking back up with bite-sized interviews that give you a peak into the lives of our community of media professionals. First up is OMPA Board Member Robin Hewitt: a rocker chick from LA turned Portland Production Accountant.

Big Names & Big Laughs

Robin is an independent production accountant with 25 years of experience in the film industry. Her career started in Los Angeles as a controller for live-action film production companies, with an eventual shift to VP of Finance for an animated film and television studio, including a commercial division and record label.

Upon moving to Portland, Robin continued working on animated films and television series for a Los Angeles studio with clients including Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, DC Comics, Disney, MTV Networks, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Turner Networks.

Upon learning of the hit comedy show Portlandia, Robin was thrilled to be back in the live-action game and worked on seasons 2 through 8 of the show. Other projects in Portland include the Comedy Central animated series Jeff and Some Aliens and various Warner Bros. live action productions for The CW Television Network. Robin also does the accounting for various small businesses in the Portland area.

What inspired you to get into this industry?

I've always been more into music than film and was working at a record label. I was contacted by various recruiters and finally agreed to an interview at a film production company. I was surprised that I was interested and went for the job. Goodbye music, hello film!

How has your role in the production process changed over your career?

I've gone from staff/corporate positions like Controller and VP of Finance to freelance work as a Production Accountant. Always looking for the next gig...and I love it!

What are some shows you’ve worked on that people would recognize?

Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Jeff & Some Aliens, Portlandia, Documentary Now!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done on the job?

Not crazy, yet certainly a highlight. I walked with Jello Biafra (love the Dead Kennedys!) between scenes filming for Portlandia. Jello asked what my position was on the crew. When I told him I was the Production Accountant, he gave me the most suspicious look. Being a punk rock gal from way back, I loved that!

What do you love about working in Oregon?

I love the smaller film community and getting to know and work with such a knowledgeable and proud group of people.

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