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oof. is the Oregon-based creative technology studio of Savannah Julian and August Miller. 👩🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻

We specialize in building interactive experiences in collaboration with businesses, organizations, and creative groups who share our commitment to distributing knowledge and opportunity. By listening to ideas, asking questions, and identifying problems, we devise novel, outsize, technology-driven solutions for our partners.

The OMPA platform is actually one of our recent projects!

Polaris Hall

Polaris Hall is the newest venue in the Mississippi Studios family. They needed a new clean and modern website that showcases upcoming live performances.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day came to us with an interesting challenge—how to represent their portfolio of work, while foregrounding the influence of their roster of editors. Projects had to exist at the intersection of flexible, expert post-production management and brilliant individual talent, so we set up a system where editors (and other partners) exist as a top-level organizational unit.

The roster is growing, and we've already begun to talk about how we can apply the pattern to other facets of their post-production universe.


Revery is Portland's preeminent, global creative content outfit.

After an initial partnership with Nelson Cash—in which we produced a brand announcement site—we spun off a second phase to build a robust editorial platform that gave Revery the freedom to publish deep case studies with virtually unlimited layouts. The nature of Revery's work (spanning original films, TV spots, instructional content, and other branded still and moving media) demanded a truly flexible system for authoring and organizing these case studies.