OMPA Members in Focus: Coach Sarge Cine

An interview with OMPA members Coach + Sarge.
| By Lisa Cicala

Interviewing Coach & Sarge to kick off our January 2018 Members in Focus feature was a real treat. They are well known by everyone industry-wide as they have a combined 50+ years in the industry and a propensity for elevating the profile of G&E in Oregon and beyond. In addition to offering on-set expertise, they are also masters of invention. Every detail and little bit of functionality you could ever want on a cart and truck has been thought of carefully: From the way the Fisher Dolly can unroll from a handmade cart and be camera-ready in minutes, to the way gear is loaded onto carts custom built for maximum space saving on a sprinter. Rent one of their trucks and you'll be spoiled.

Please enjoy this months Members in Focus video. We appreciate these two brothers' support of the OMPA to no end!

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