OMPA's hosts Morning Media Mixer and Toasts to 3 Laws in 3 Years

Last week OMPA had the pleasure of hosting our first Summer Morning Media Mixer.
| By Lisa Cicala

With over 100 attendees, the event was a fantastic way to kick off the warm summer Friday. Members and non-members alike came to enjoy free coffee and breakfast, while discussing OMPA’s bright future and what that means for everyone in the industry.

OMPA has seen significant changes and increased engagement within our organization. In addition, there has been an impressive streak of laws passed by OMPA in the last three years. For this reason, Janice Shokrian, OMPA’s Executive Director took the opportunity to make a toast. She shared some the strides the association has made to legally protect and expand the media industry in Portland. 3 laws in the last 3 years have resulted in very large, very positive changes for the state, which has seen incentives increase by $4,000,000.

3 Laws in 3 Years

2015: Extended Sunset of OPIF (Oregon Production Incentive Fund until 2023)

2016: Increased Film Incentive by 40% (Added a regional 3% incentive, too)

2017: Extended Sunset for Greenlight (6.2% Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate until 2024)

Attendees also had the chance to look forward to what is to come. Director of Communications Anne Schuyler-Moon only joined OMPA a year ago, and yet so many exciting developments have sprung to life in the time she has been involved. With a stronger groundwork in place and greater community involvement, OMPA was able to enjoy its successes with those that attended.

The feel-good energy shared by all was more than welcome as Portland heads into the heart of the summer.

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