Members: Vote for OMPA’s 2021 priorities!

As a small organization with a big mission, we’re looking to our community for input on which programs to prioritize. In order to support a […]

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FORTITUDE: Kenji Sugahara | How many jobs can you juggle in one day?

Flying high under pressure with Kenji Sugahara, co-founder of A-Cam Aerials. It’s not often you get face time with an actual pioneer (even if it’s […]

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FORTITUDE: Rebecca Hynes | Go get. Go far.

Rebecca Hynes is pushing boundaries for women and indie filmmakers in the adventure-doc world. Her new documentary, River Looters, has been accepted into eight festivals, including Rebecca’s dream venue, Mountainfilm in Telluride, CO. Hear how else this jet-setter has kept production active during the pandemic. 

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Centering Diversity in Oregon’s Tax Incentive Program

Money is one of the ultimate drivers of human behavior. That’s why we’re taking our equity work straight to the root of industry hiring practices with D-OPIF. Get Ashley Mellinger’s take on the work she’s been leading while co-chairing OMPA’s Diversity Incentives Subcommittee this past year, along with Dawn Jones Redstone. 

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Take the COVID-19 Media Production Impact Survey (FALL FOLLOW-UP)

We’re collecting important data about COVID’s impact on Oregon’s media production industry. The data will be incorporated into a comprehensive Economic Development Report. Take the survey now!

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