Members: Vote for OMPA's 2022 priorities!

As a small organization with a big mission, we're looking to our community for input on which programs to prioritize.
| By Sarah Domine

As a small organization with a big mission, we're looking to our community for input on which programs to prioritize. In order to support a thriving and equitable industry, what do you consider the three (3) MOST important things OMPA can do; what are the three (3) LEAST important things for OMPA to focus on?

You can learn more about the options below.

Voting closed Tuesday, December 21, at Noon PT.

Invest in and create safe spaces for Oregon's creatives of color.

OMPA hosts a semi-regular meet up of creatives of color as a space to connect with one another, share resources and seek professional development. Creating a place where BIPOC members can fully self-express their experiences, free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations is part of creating a culture of belonging in the organization and the community.

Lobby at the state and local level.

OMPA serves as the statewide lobbying organization for the industry by ensuring legislators understand the economic, educational, social and cultural value of Oregon’s media production industry, by securing their support for policies and practices important to our industry and by engaging our community in this process.

Maintain Oregon’s vetted, comprehensive production directory.

OMPA publishes the statewide production directory that not only serves as a tool for professionals to find one another but also as a way to promote Oregon’s depth of talent and services for national and international clients to see.

(Potential Program) Develop a mentorship program.

As we work to ensure new and diverse talent is advancing in the industry, we know that mentorship can play a key role in their success. OMPA could build a program that pairs individuals with the right professional mentors and that guides the relationship’s success.

Host events that connect you to new talent.

OMPA has traditionally, outside of a pandemic, hosted regular networking events with the goal of connecting the community to each other and to opportunities.

Provide business information and resources.

OMPA leverages our events and communication channels to share information and resources that ensure access and empowerment and create opportunity. This can be a blog post around where to find diverse talent to an event around the evolving nature of insurance and legal issues in a pandemic.

Publish job opportunities.

OMPA publishes local job opportunities to the community so that employers and local talent can connect to those opportunities.

Host events that provide professional development.

OMPA hosts events with speakers, roundtables and panels that the community can learn from and be inspired by.

Develop shared industry resources and guidelines.

OMPA serves as the source of the Industry Standards and Guidelines, the COVID Production Protocols. These resources and guidelines provide standards that the entire industry can implement and reference in their work.

Highlight the stories and work of Oregon’s production professionals.

OMPA leverages our events and communication channels to showcase who is working in Oregon and what they’re working on. OMPA plans to host Cine-Seen, a showcase of underrepresented talent in the summer of 2022.

(Potential Program) Provide an online community forum.

OMPA currently curates the information that is shared out with the community but there is so much more information that can be shared amongst the community. An online community forum would be a space where you could connect with other working professionals, ask questions, share resources, post classifieds, share work, and build community.

Voting closed Tuesday, December 21, at Noon PT.

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