Tell your state representatives to vote YES on HB 3010 for industry-wide diversity & inclusion

Do you think Diversity & Inclusion should be a priority for Oregon productions?
| By Lilly Joynes

Do you think Diversity & Inclusion should be a priority for Oregon productions?

If so, tell your state representatives to vote YES on HB 3010!

While we may have seen an increase in conversations regarding the necessity of diversity within the production industry, we have yet to see any lasting change.

Building upon the momentum of #TimesUp and #MeToo and all the events from last year, we now have a chance to incorporate change legally into our film tax credit, and encourage diversity and inclusion in all Oregon Production Incentive Fund projects.

Your allyship is needed NOW to show legislators that Oregon’s Media Production industry wants to put action behind Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

What does HB 3010 say?

Any production seeking reimbursement from the Oregon Production Incentive Fund (OPIF) would have to:

  • Have a written diversity, equity, and inclusion policy
  • Make a good faith effort to hire individuals from underrepresented groups
  • Establish a method for addressing harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct
  • Report relevant statistics to Oregon Film

What You Can Do Right Now

We need as many voices as possible to tell the legislators why they should vote YES!

  1. Write your brief testimony. Make a copy of this template and edit to create your own letter to download as a PDF.
  2. Submit a PDF of your testimony here by 8am Thursday, Feb. 18.
    (Make sure you choose these options—Committee: House Committee on Economic Recovery and Prosperity; Meeting Date: 2/18/21 8:00am; Bill: HB 3010; Position on this bill: support)
  3. Share this email & template with everyone you've heard say they want to help make production more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This is their time to act!

Thank you for your quick response to this request. You will be hearing from us periodically throughout this session, and we appreciate your engagement as it’s called upon!

*Note: Everything you share in your testimony will be public record.

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