Urgent Action Required: Tell Governor Brown to Prioritize the Media Production Industry

Your industry needs your help. Write to Governor Brown and tell her to prioritize getting the media production industry back to work.
| By Lilly Joynes
Your industry needs your help. Write to Governor Brown and tell her to prioritize getting the media production industry back to work.

We saw this article in The Oregonian on April 20 that describes the industries prioritized by the Governor’s office as Oregon begins to reopen for business. The media industry was not included.
Behind the scenes, we have worked hard to make sure the right folks are hearing from our industry so they understand the impacts of COVID-19 and consider the needs of Oregon’s media production industry. It’s disappointing to see that we were not included in this draft framework for re-opening. That’s why it’s time to make your voices heard.
We need you—each and every one of you—to reach out to your legislator and the Governor’s office to share a collective message: Oregon’s media production industry needs to be recognized as a priority in the state’s re-opening plans going forward. During stay-at-home orders, Americans are consuming media in record amounts. Your work as storytellers, craftspeople, and artists is important.
At the same time, we recognize that a sensible and cautious return to work is key. OMPA and our industry partners are developing new industry guidelines to help ensure safety and consistency in production. We will go back to work with a plan in place. But first we need a seat at the Governor’s table.

What You Can Do

  1. Write to your legislator and to Elana Pirtle-Guiney, Legislative Director at the Governor’s office, today.
  2. Email a copy of your message to

Talking Points

It’s important that legislators hear from you in your own words, so tell them about your experience during COVID-19. Here are some talking points to include:
  • Why you’re writing: You read The Oregonian article this week and were disappointed that media production was not included as a priority industry.
  • Industry impact:
    • On an annual basis, the Oregon media industry (film, television, animation, video games, commercials and branded content) accounts for $250 million of direct in-state spending with $600 million of annual economic output, affecting thousands of jobs.
    • This industry creates the content that’s needed more than ever right now, from public service announcements to entertainment that is being consumed in record amounts.
    • We are an interconnected industry that relies on and exists due to our transactions with other industries. From day one of production, we spend money on airlines, lodging, restaurants, retail and more. Because of that, our industry will help other businesses and the state recover.
  • Personal story: "This industry provides me with a living wage job and benefits..." [Describe what you do and how your life has been impacted by COVID-19 and our industry shutdown.]
  • Appeal: Ask your legislator to do whatever they can to ensure that your industry is considered a priority as Oregon’s economy re-opens.
  • Gratitude: Thank them for their leadership and for working so incredibly hard to keep Oregonians safe during this crisis.
Thank you for stepping up when you’re needed! Please take a few minutes and make your voices heard.

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