Lundgrens Release Black Road

Gary and Anne Lundgren have leveraged the beautiful landscape and ease of shooting in Southern Oregon on three feature films.
| By Lisa Cicala

Utilizing a vast array of locations, including beaches, mountains, rivers, restaurants, retirement communities, universities, city streets, campgrounds, winding roads, and the Great Cats World Park, Gary and Anne Lundgren have leveraged the beautiful landscape and ease of shooting in Southern Oregon on three feature films.

In addition to great locations, their third feature, the sci-fi thriller BLACK ROAD, benefited from partnerships with members of the Southern Oregon community, including Brammo Electric Motorcycles, the Neuman Hotel Group, and multiple local restaurants and equipment houses.

“When Anne shared the project with me, I knew it was a good fit for Brammo,” said Jennifer Bramscher. “The sleek design and futuristic look of the Empulse are perfect for the film! It was a partnership that just made sense… We are proud to be supporting local film entrepreneurs in our community and hope others will join us.”

The Lundgrens have always been drawn to the area. In 2007, they traveled from Los Angeles to film their first feature, CALVIN MARSHALL (starring Steve Zahn). After a great experience with local crews and locations, Gary and Anne Lundgren moved their production company, Joma Films, to Ashland permanently. In 2012, they made REDWOOD HIGHWAY, the story of a 75 year-old woman walking alone for 80 miles between Grants Pass and the coast.

The Lundgrens’ third film, BLACK ROAD is set in the State of Jefferson, the mythical joining of Northern California and Southern Oregon. It was filmed completely in the Rogue Valley and on the beach at Arcadia Vacation Rentals between Brookings and Gold Beach. Now the Lundgrens are embarking on a screening tour through Oregon to show BLACK ROAD to their fans and to the communities who participated in the filming.

“The community has been incredibly supportive,” says Producer Anne Lundgren who also worked as the Ashland Location Manager for the 2013 production of WILD. “We love living and making movies here. We have a talented crew we’ve worked with for many years. The people are great, the crews are professional, the landscape is beautiful, the light is perfect, and the clouds billow. There are plenty of great local restaurants and hotels to house guests due to the strong tourism industry. The community is supportive… And people are still proud that movies are made in their town. It’s a wonderful place to raise our family, and we plan to make movies here for many years to come.”

BLACK ROAD screened at the Ashland Varsity Theatre through November 5th.

Sterling (Simon Templeman) terrorizes Bruce (Danforth Comins) on the Jefferson coast in BLACK ROAD.

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