Bent Image Lab tapped to create Magical 4D Rudolph Experience

The much-loved animated classic, first televised in 1964, is being recreated in partnership with Bent Image Lab for a Holiday 2016 release as a magical 4-D Experience®.
| By Lisa Cicala

“The story’s focus is on Rudolph’s heroic journey,” commented Chel White, Partner and Director, Bent Image Lab. “To integrate in-theatre special effects, we have embellished scenes to add thrills along the way but overall we are staying very true to the spirit of the original show.”

Leading creator of special effects cinematic attractions, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, has been awarded exclusive distribution rights for the project. The new production will use a combination of traditional stop-frame animation and Bent Image Lab tapped to create Magical 4D Rudolph Experience state-of-the-art immersive technology to bring the onscreen action to life.

Bent Image Lab’s long-standing association with the Rankin Bass characters ensures the production respects the authenticity of the popular franchise. The new version features all the iconic characters including Rudolph, the Abominable Snow Monster and Hermey the Elf, plus classic songs and familiar dialogue.

“Rudolph is a timeless holiday classic and we are excited and honoured to bring it to our clients around the world as an immersive cinematic 4-D experience,” reported Mike Frueh, Senior Vice President, Licensing and Distribution, SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment.

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