OMPA Member

Nina Oberlin

Production Designer / Animator


For me, it is all about being able to create something new. I have an MFA in Animation and a Masters in Motion Picture and Television. My main focus is Production Design. I really enjoy coming up with a look and feel for a project. I am also experienced in carpentry and can build sets and miniatures as well as do the design and props. I have a variety of skills. Let's work together and see what fun things we can create.

Abigail Graves

This project was for my Thesis. Everything that you see in the animation, was designed and built by me. This took me three years to complete. It was a labor of love. It was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience.


This was an experimental animation that I did during Covid. It kind of speaks about the state of mind that we were all in at the time.

Withering of Light

This was a music video that I did for a local Salem musician. He does a variety of ambient music and this was a piece we collaborated on. My role was the concept art, storyboards, production design and cinematographer.