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Carson Wright


Carson is a narrative and commercial cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon. He is a visual storyteller and crafts compelling images through collaboration at every stage of production.

Knowledgeable and experienced with Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, and RED systems.


Amidst a Zombie pandemic, two close friends face the realities of dating, careers, life in Portland, and their relationship when one of them decides to move away.


A young woman returns to her home of Norway to deal with the passing of her uncle when she discovers an unseen side of him through his coworker.

Exorcism in Utero

Herma Frigg, a pregnant woman running from a bad relationship, becomes possessed when she puts on a magical ring she discovers in the basement of the house where she is house sitting. Haunted by stranger dreams, she sleepwalks next door to visit Peter O’Neill, the pre-teen horror movie buff living next door in her sleep.

As Herma’s body transforms and her mind deteriorates and Peter deals with family drama, these visits lead to an unusual bond between the two. But can Peter find a way to help Herma find a way out of her predicament and save her unborn baby?