OMPA Member

Aaron Peipert

Production Assistant, AD, AC, Grip, Video & Audio Editing, Camera Operator


Human Creative & Problem Solver: Add me to your team for your next production. I am not above or below any job. I am willing to step into any role depending on the need of the project.

Scott Osment (doc) Trailer

Trailer for a documentary I filmed and edited following the move of a musician from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, CA.

Andrew Yang Media Team 2020 Presidential Primaries

This is just one of many videos that I filmed & edited as part of Andrew Yang's media team for the 2020 Presidential Primaries working in DC, Iowa and Missouri.

Aboriri - sci-fi - Short Film

This was a passion project of mine. I wanted to challenge myself to create a film with no dialogue so that it would not have a language barrier. This short film is influenced by Annihilation & 2001 A Space Odyssey. I shot, edited, created sound design, costumes and everything.