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Jody Hart

Exec.Producer / Producer / Line Producer / Director (DGA)


I’m a producer/director with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. I’ve developed and produced multiple feature films, TV series, and digital projects, worked in various crew roles on over 100 TV series and features, commercials, and video games, performed as an actor and stunt performer in dozens of productions, and most recently, served as a producer and consultant for nonfiction production company XG Productions. As a former Marine, I leverage my technical expertise to inform my approach to production, and I actively advocate for veterans in entertainment through my work.

I got my start in the industry after serving in the United States Marine Corps -- I began working on set as an armorer and art department coordinator and quickly transitioned into stunt performance. Because of my military background, I became a technical advisor on series like ALIAS and CROSSING JORDAN, guiding directors on the most authentic ways to execute tactical scenes. During this time, I realized there was untapped potential among veterans to become stunt performers/background talent who wouldn’t need training on set for battle, military, or law enforcement scenes, thus saving productions time and money. This led me to launching Combat Casting, a casting company with a roster of over 300 veterans who became SAG eligible, and I supplied cast for hundreds of projects, including blockbuster films. I later founded my own production company, Combat Media Group, where I created military-themed content and secured contracts with the US Army and US Air Force to produce and direct interactive training videos.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from top directors who have different styles – I’ve been on set with directors ranging from JJ Abrams to Clint Eastwood to Christopher Nolan to Michael Bay. This has helped me develop a strong understanding of production best practices and the ability to problem-solve on set. I’m especially good at working on tight budgets and deadlines. Because I have an intimate understanding of crew needs and strong vendor relationships, I’m able to cut unnecessary costs and keep shooting on schedule while prioritizing production safety.

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