OMPA Member

John Dombroski

Sound Designer, Production Sound Mixer, Sound Artist

  • Sound Designer / Audio-Post Specialist
  • Production Sound Mixer / Recordist
  • Audio Engineer
  • Sound Artist (MFA: Sound/Visual Arts, UCSD 2020)

I'm a sound designer, production sound mixer and sound artist with a passion and skill for creating immersive sonic worlds. Always thinking ahead and prepared for anything on-set and in post, I enjoy solving creative challenges — working with my heart to make work sound like art. When not recording/designing/editing sound, I'm making ambient/electropunk music, or building handmade synths and sound sculptures. I also love outdoor adventuring to find new sights and sounds.

I've been professionally collaborating on commercial, corporate, doc, narrative, industrial, indie, performing arts, TV, feature, radio, music, and experimental productions since 2010.

Send me a message, I'd love to hear about your project!

Contact: - info (at) johndombroski (dot) net - @john.dombroski (on instagram)