OMPA Member

Roberto Antonio Martinez

Director / DP / Editor / Composer


Robert Anthony's work is centered on the power of feeling. This Portland-based filmmaker harnesses the ability to create emotion and evoke catharsis through sight and sound. His work uses dramatic elements through dark, moody tones with an emphasis on the surreal. Dark his style may be, his demeanor and attitude on set is the contrary. He possesses an effortless ability to keep all stages of production light-hearted and supportive, familial, yet professional. Maintaining respect and enrichment within his crew and talent is crucial for creating honest expression through film. His career began with a small agency, requiring him to learn every aspect of filmmaking from start to finish. Being a one-man-band turned him into a multidisciplinary filmmaker, equipping him to take the reins on larger projects with a full crew for clients such as Nike, Frito-Lay, and The Texas Rangers.