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Nisha Burton


With 10 years of experience as the founder and CMO of a boutique creative agency, Reflective Brands, Nisha is a skilled, innovative leader who brings a unique passion to all of her work.

Starting with her first film project at the age of 9, she has pursued a digital media, storytelling, and filmmaking career ever since. Nisha offers a wide-reaching Creative Direction skillset from award-winning films featured at Cannes, to transmedia marketing campaigns, to fully interactive narrative-based VR/AR experiences.

She focuses on creating emotional connections that carry through varied strategies to build and strengthen long-term brand affinity. Experienced in leading multidisciplinary creative teams to deliver exceptionally innovative and technically impeccable products.

Virtual Reality Bike Tour

Reed's Crossing needed an innovative way to help sell the vision of their housing community. Nisha and her team did just that by creating a virtual reality bike ride through the future greenway of Reed’s Crossing community. They built a VR experience that uses a real, physically mounted bike that a user can ride. Once on the bike, the user dons the VR HMD and then begins peddling the bike to move forward in the digital world.

Branding & Website Build for Topa 3D

ToPa 3D knew that it was time to update their website so that their brand could match the quality of their work. Having been working in the 3D capture services for over 20 years, their website was dramatically out of date and no longer clearly represented their brand and their work. On top of this, their services had evolved significantly over the years and ToPa was struggling to convey what they did in a cohesive manner.

Reflective Brands was brought on to do a complete website redesign, while also helping their team hone their marketing message into a clear offering. We took the foundational elements of the original branding and updated them in a way that respected the history of the company while establishing a strong brand identity with a bright future ahead.

A Hurricane With Fire

The 2020 fires in southern Oregon burned over 2,800 structures in just a few hours, leaving two towns decimated and thousands without a home. This film explores the community's journey to rise from the ashes and rebuild with equity.

Directed & Edited by Nisha.