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Deep Sky


Deep Sky is a Portland-based, Emmy-winning animation and live action studio known for partnering with the world’s most influential creators and brands. Our work is rooted in impactful storytelling, while also pursuing innovation and discovery. Our specialized production teams collaborate with partners on projects ranging from music videos to global product launch videos to TV series and films. Since 2006, we’ve been doing the work we love with people who share our passion.

The Smashing Pumpkins | In Ashes

In producing The Smashing Pumpkins's five-part 2D animated series, In Ashes, Deep Sky collaborated with the legendary band to produce the episodes that accompanied songs from the band's new album, CYR. Translating frontman Billy Corgan's distinctive and multifaceted vision was a fun experience for our passionate artists, who blended eye-catching hand-drawn animation with a goth-futuristic style.

Ironclad | What Is Digital Contracting?

As the leader in digital contracting, Ironclad asked us to help them emphasize their groundbreaking role in the digital revolution of the backbone of business: the contract. They needed videos that explained how they are bringing teams, processes, and data together to make better, faster business contracts.

We created an explainer video that was informational, yet beautiful. Leaning on the themes of synchronization and efficiency, each sequence smoothly transitions into the next. The illustrations drew on inspiration from watercolors and a painterly style, which emphasizes the hand-crafted and human-oriented aspect of their business as well. We also incorporated character animation with the motion graphics to further highlight how much of this process is driven by human ingenuity.

We continue to partner with Ironclad on other brand-defining content such as the Clickwrap service launch and seasonal SDC events. The videos define the Ironclad brand as they chart their growth in the technology sector.

Daimler Trucks North America | Purpose

We partnered with Daimler Trucks North America to produce this live action brand-defining video to usher in the next generation of the company. Combining existing footage we shot for previous projects with DTNA with unique footage we shot for this video specifically, we worked with our partners from pre-production to editorial and post-production to create a video to accompany their debut as an independent brand. The video premiered at a Portland Trail Blazers game at the Moda Center in late 2021.