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David Lawless



I've been in the content creation game for over 20 years, and love working with brands and agencies to bring their stories to life. I have a knack for capturing unique, cinematic and unexpected moments of story that excite and delight, and am always looking for new ways to approach a project.

I strongly believe in the power of curiosity and excitement in driving the creative process. I am a hands-on thinker-maker with great narrative and visual experience & instinct.

I've worked on projects around the globe and gained a diverse creative perspective. My extensive international experiences, diverse cultural understandings, and ability to adapt to different environments, have given me a unique view of the world, allowing me to make decisive editorial and creative choices that serve the style, tone, character and story in a most authentic and impactful way.

With a background in film, journalism, and fine arts, bring a unique and edgy perspective to every project.

Denon - True Wireless

Series of commercials for premium electronics brand Denon.

Lotus Stunt

Brand stunt for Lotus F1 and EMC

Roth's Fresh Markets

Seasonal commercial spots for Roth's Fresh Markets