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Matt Corrado



I am a LP/UPM of who works on Indies in the IA Tiers and every once in a while on a small non-union indie. My budgeting and scheduling skills are exceptional and I can plan a shoot from just the script. I have tax incentive knowledge from planning and shooting in Illinois, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Oregon and have worked and hired crews in 11 states. I started in the midwest as a grip and best boy grip but eventually moved into production as 1st AD where I led about 20 films most notably Luc Besson’s Columbiana in Chicago and of course many others. I currently work consistently for others as Production Supervisor on much larger productions as well as for several producers setting up features and running them as LP/UPM. I also have a couple genre pictures in development as producer. I read 40+ scripts a year. I believe in diversity and good people and have a track record of 25-40% diversity on my shoots. I produced for The Onion (10 satirical webseries) and Onion Labs (their commercial wing) for 4 years. I ran an amazing live camera show on TruTV called The Carbonaro Effect for 2 years. I day played on Chicago Fire, Ozark, Shameless and others. Thanks for reading.