OMPA Member

Gary Carter Green

Producer/Post Producer/Writer/Content Director


Gary Carter Green is an Emmy-winning television producer, recently transplanted to Portland after over 20 years of producing work and television writing in Los Angeles. Equally skilled as a writer, a set producer and a post producer, his credits include: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Let's Make a Deal, Hollywood Game Night, and numerous documentaries including "Days That Shaped America" for History Channel, "This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy" for Amazon Prime, "SexLife" for EPIX and "We're Here" for HBO.

Gary is the founder of YouCantBeatBlue, a grassroots social media platform featuring interviews with Democratic candidates, campaign managers, activists, and advisors. The platform's goal is to widen the reach of candidates working to preserve American democracy, and embrace and instruct newcomers to political activism.