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Gary Carter Green

Producer/Post Producer/Writer/Content Director


Gary Carter Green is an Emmy-winning television producer, recently transplanted to Portland after producing television in Los Angeles. Equally skilled as a writer and editor, his credits include: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Let's Make a Deal, Hollywood Game Night, and numerous documentaries including "Days That Shaped America" for History Channel, "This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy" for Amazon Prime, "SexLife" for EPIX and "We're Here" for HBO.

Gary is the founder of YouCantBeatBlue, a grassroots social media platform featuring interviews with Democratic candidates, campaign managers, activists, and advisors. The platform's goal is to widen the reach of candidates working to preserve American democracy, and embrace and instruct newcomers to political activism.

The Presidential Campaign - Pete Buttigieg 2020

Pete Buttigieg broke onto the national political scene in 2020, due in much part to the work of political strategist, Lis Smith. In her new book "Any Given Tuesday," Lis discusses her time as a senior advisor to Pete Buttigieg. Lis also dishes with YouCantBeatBlue on Mallory McMorrow, Andrew Yang, Dr. Oz's run for governor. Lis Smith also reveals a secret about Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing" you won't hear in any other interview.

Sen Cory Booker Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination

Senator Cory Booker brought us all to tears with his speech to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at her hearing. Gary and Mary talk about what made his words so powerful, some of the things that make Judge Jackson so well qualified for a seat on the Supreme Court, and how a positive message has the power to break through the noise.

The Queen Elizabeth Coronation - I Was There

Donald Elbert "won" a ticket to Queen Elizabeth's Coronation on June 2, 1953. He was stationed in the UK at the time. He tells what watching Queen Elizabeth's coronation meant to him, and what her service has meant to him since.