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Kennedy Transcription + Captioning

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With 20+ years of experience in both production and post-production, we know the importance of accuracy, timeliness, and attention to detail when it comes to what our clients need. We understand what writers, producers, and editors need in order to find the best material quickly and efficiently. In addition to verbatim transcribing, we also reference subtleties including body language, off-camera conversations, and other visuals that are not always apparent by reading words in a transcript. This extra attention to detail is what helps set us apart.

And when your project is finished, we can provide closed-captioning files to close out your project.

We work with Fortune 100 companies around the globe and look forward to helping every new client, no matter how big or small, by providing production transcripts and caption files for their projects. We recognize that it's the human touch that makes all our transcripts and caption files so accurate. We don't rely on automated transcription software. Turning your audio and video files to text is core to our business. And our pricing makes it easy to plan your budget. You can trust us to deliver at a fair price.