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Award-winning integrated production studio and creative agency


A Cannes Lion award-winning integrated production studio and creative agency, Portland-based Hinge specializes in bringing unique stories to life through characters, live action, animation and post-production visual effects. In close collaboration with agency, brand and studio partners, we deliver innovative content for film, television, commercials, digital, print & VR/AR. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Hinge's body motion capture solution works indoors and outdoors. Our Xsens suit can be worn under clothing, capturing realistic animation for TV, VFX, AR/VR, games, performances, training and sports.

Alpenrose - Keep Portland Small

Hinge and CMD teamed up to create a charming stop-motion style CG animated campaign, Keep Portland Small, for Alpenrose’s new home delivery service. The spot tells the story of the Alpenrose Dairy and its milk deliveries, starting with their beginning in 1916, and the growth of the once-little town of Portland, Oregon. A miniature world builds and grows in front of our eyes, bringing to life the relationships between the delivery people and their communities, as well as the ups and downs of living in a growing city. As Portland locals we know the city well, so it was important to find those key buildings and landmarks that would make it feel authentic. Inspired by real model train sets, our team created all the environments and characters digitally, capturing the craftiness and hand-made look of stop-motion, and benefitting from the production flexibility of CG. In addition to portraying the city accurately—then and now—it was important to Hinge to honor Portland’s long history as a stop-motion mecca. Many of our artists on the project worked on the stop-motion features and commercials the city is known for, and we wanted to capture the charm and essence of the award-winning stop-motion work that has been Portland’s legacy for half a century. Hinge completed the spot in eight weeks using a combination of digital tools, including Maya, Houdini, Substance, Redshift, Nuke, and AfterEffects, grounded in real camera and stop-motion techniques, including shallow depth of field and animating on 2s and 4s to give it tangibility and charm.We hope you’ll enjoy watching this ode to keeping Portland small as much as we enjoyed making it.

Hy-Vee - H House Campaign

Hy-Vee tapped Hinge to help bring to life their H House brand campaign, a fun blend of live-action talent on green screen with all-CG home interiors and exteriors! Hinge’s VFX team provided on-set supervision for the shoot as well as a live preview of the talent composited over the CG environments using the Unreal Engine. In post, our team designed color-themed and bespoke CG rooms, back yards and neighborhoods, created engaging VFX, and then seamlessly keyed, tracked and integrated the live action into each shot.

adult swim - Toonami 25th Anniversary The Return

Hinge and adult swim teamed up for a very special Toonami T.I.E (Total Immersion Event) to celebrate the anime block’s 25th anniversary. The two part event has a lot of fan surprises! As TOM thinks about all the millions of versions of him that exist in the universe, a strange yet familiar vessel begins to dock the space station. TOM and SARA investigate the mysterious reappearance of The Absolution and make a surprising discovery. Hinge took this opportunity to bring the world of TOM, SARA and Toonami into Unreal Engine, speeding up our episode production and creating new avenues for fans to experience their future adventures!