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LNS Captioning

Carol Studenmund


LNS provides high-quality live captions for streaming videos, webinars, and other live meetings. We can caption into webinar platforms: YouTube, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Vydeo, etc. We also stream captions for meetings, conference calls, court proceedings and more around the country. .SRT and .SCC files available. All captions created by nationally certified people, not machines.

LNS supports tight production schedules, foreign language subtitles. Live XML web captions, streaming videos, webinars, advertisements, TV, films, educational videos, live on-site events. Transcription, audio description, and hardcoding. Provide any file format required- SRT, SCC, & more. All captions made by people here in Oregon, not by a computer. We provide the human touch! DCMP certified.