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Adolfo Cantu-Villarreal

Filmmaker & DP


Adolfo is a Mexican Filmmaker and Cinematographer that specializes in story-driven projects.

He works in commercials, branded content, narratives and documentaries. Through his work, he's creating films that captivate and resonate with an audience. His visual style seeks cinematic poetry in every frame, images that go beyond reality and inspire a feeling or reaction.

Adolfo believes in the richness of diversity. In his projects and through collaborations, he strives to tell the stories of the underrepresented and to showcase the artistry and talents of people of different backgrounds both in front and behind the camera. His films have been screened in festivals worldwide and featured in VICE, PBS, ICON Germany, The New York Times – his brand work includes Volvo, Nike, Ampere, Skullcandy, Mazda, among others.

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