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Koerner Camera Systems

Seattle Location


Sound: Koerner Camera Systems is the largest digital cinema rental house in the Pacific Northwest. We carry Sennheiser audio equipment including wireless microphones, shotguns, boom poles, etc.

Camera: Arri Alexa, Mini, SXT, Amira, RED Weapon MONSTRO, Red Weapon HELIUM 8K, Epic Dragon, Canon C300EF/PL MK2, Phantom 4K Flex, 5D Sony FS7, Angenieux 24-290, 17-80, 45-120, 28-76, 15-40, Fuji Cabrios, Canon 30-300, 14.5-50, 30-105, Zeiss Master Macro, Leica Summilux-C and Summicron, Cooke S4i, Panchros, Mini S4s, CP.3, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Super Speeds, Sigms FF, Bolt 3000, WCU-4.

Expendables: Koerner Camera Systems. We carry most of the expendables you will need from camera tape and gaffer's tape to eyepiece chamois, pancro lens cleaner and many other items.

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