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Marshall Arts Motion Graphics

Shawn Marshall, Creative Director/Animator


Complexity made simple. We bring technology, history, and events to life through 3D animation and motion graphics. We have the style, range, and experience to exceed your graphics needs. B to B, commercials, trade show videos, TV, film and documentaries. 20+ years post production experience.

Portland General Electric Demand Response

We worked with Strategy by eb to conceptualize and design a dynamic animation to explain the concept of electricity demand response for Portland General Electric. We helped our client rework the script to flow better from a visual standpoint. The animation combines a variety of stock 3D and library models, culminating in a view of the state of Oregon powered by clean energy.

World Wide Technology Port Operations Transformation

Our production of this sprawling animation started with reviewing videos depicting the functions of several different ports. Based on that research we purchased a number of stock 3D models, modifying their geometry and surfacing to create a more realistic and accurate setting to show how WWT’s solutions (powered by Intel) can streamline the safety and efficiency of port operations. We used stock human models to depict the security agents in silhouette using mocap data to bring them to life.

Oregon Sports Awards Graphics Package