OMPA Member

Pacific Grip & Lighting, Inc


Electricians + Grips: Who knows them better than the local rental house? Give us a call, and we can recommend the right person for your job. Feature films, commercials, still photography and pro bono. We have the equipment, and we know the crew!

Lighting equipment: Full assortment of HMI lights (200–18,000 watts), tungsten lights (100 to 24,000 watts). Kino Flo, Chimera, Jokers, LED kits, 5K pars, 12k pars and more. Rental/resale.

Expendables: Full inventory of Rosco, Lee and Gam diffusions and gels, clear print tracing papers, black wrap, wide variety of tapes, show card, Fome-Cor, beadboard, layout board, bulk duvetyne and rope, photofloods, Streaks 'N Tips, Chroma Key and Ultimatte paints, sash cord, visqueen, clothespins, much more. GE, Ushio, Sylvania, OSRAM and Wolfram globes for your film/video or theatrical needs.

Grip Equipment: Complete and very well-organized grip trucks (3, 4, 5 and 10-ton). Grip, electric, lighting, car mount and expendable packages available. Bebee, E&E and Honda generators. Full assortment of HMI, tungsten and Kino Flo lights, as well as Jokers and ray beams. Dollies from Fisher (models 10 & 11) and Matthews (Doorway & Western). Rental/resale.