Ezekiel & Cordell Brown, Co-Founders

THE LYRIC PROJECT is an anthology love letter to music. We have asked people to pick their favorite song, any genre, that means the most to them. Next, make an audio recording of them reading the lyrics and submit that with an explanation of why they picked it. Then we interpreted and shot short films based on their song choice.



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Jarrett Bryant (he/him)
Writer/Director/Executive Producer "Maxie," a feature film, was shot in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and in the heart of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. The film was directed by, Jarrett Bryant, an African-American transplant from Los Angeles, CA who now resides with his family in Eugene, OR. FACEBOOK
Ime Etuk (he/him)
Producer • OMPA Board Member Representation is important behind the scenes. WEBSITE  
James Dixon (he/they), “Gender-fication”
Director, Theatre at the Crossroads Gender-Fication is a documentary about Black, Indigenous, Queer and Trans communities living in the Pacific Northwest and the struggles they face on a daily basis. The LGBTQ2IA+ community has always been seeking true liberation yet battling for a further understanding of their many differences.​ As an underrepresented community, it’s time that their voices are heard. There are many identities within the queer community and our friends were kind enough to [...]
Jasmine Jackson (she/they)
Videographer I'm a 23-Year-Young creative who makes intersectionality an integral part of my work. My work exposes small intersections of my life through the medium of videography. I believe discomfort is essential to one's growth in mind, body and spirit, so I try my best to evoke that in my work. I hope my work serves as a stepping stone for others to seek out their own level(s) of vulnerability whilst simultaneously allowing their minds to wander into the cracks of their own unknown: be [...]
Moniquea Majors (she/her)
Founder, PDX Women of Color PDX Women of Color believes that creating community and connections are the roadmap for a path forward. At our events, you’ll meet like-minded women that are inspired to grow and expand personally and professionally. PDX Women of Color is a team of visionaries creating meaningful experiences, and community for the self-expression of Black & Brown women. We create event experiences for women to feel empowered, educated, and connected through summits and [...]
Sika Stanton (she/her)
Filmmaker Sika Stanton is a filmmaker based in Portland. WEBSITE • INSTAGRAM
Kisha Jarrett (she/her)
Managing Director, Artists Repertory Theatre BLACK GIRL IN THE WOODS chronicles Kisha Jarrett's journey as a fat, Black woman with chronic illness (Lupus) hiking the 1,200 miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail this summer. We have a team of three (2 women of color and one white male) going all the way through the trail and a full team of 10.Please find our website and sizzle trailer at blackgirlinthewoods.org. We are still in process of finding funding for production, but we have reached the [...]
Dru Holley (he/him)
Senior Producer, Black Bald Films LLC Dru is adept at putting together collaborative creative teams that share his motivation to highlight the stories of people who have largely been ignored or overlooked by past histories. And whose experiences in urgent social problems can shape the conversation for solutions and re-write what Toni Morrison called "the master narrative" to illuminate the past's truth. WEBSITE
Andre Gray (he/him)
Executive Art Director, Cymaspace/BeyondTone I am delighted to be part of Portland Filming Community, born and raise in the Midwest, attended college in Upstate New York. Transplanted to Pacific North West from Austin, Texas. My advocacy directed toward giving people like myself who are Deaf to have multiple roles in the film culture. I serve CymaSpace as an Executive/Art Director, also own and operate BeyondTone Media. I hope to connect and collaborate with more individuals/organization [...]
Bryson Black (he/him)
Actor, NAYO Productions This experimental film dissects the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary’s definitions of the words Black and White – to prove how historically, the meanings of the words have been engrained with very specific connotations in relation to race and ethnicity. WEBSITE • VIMEO • INSTAGRAM

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