Statement on OMPA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

OMPA, a community-led organization, is working to create the future we want to see—a future that is: Female, Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Transgender, Disabled, Lesbian, Gay, Immigrant and any other groups that have been historically marginalized. 

We believe in embracing diverse perspectives, supporting equitable access to opportunities, and creating inclusive environments that are supportive and welcoming to all. This vision requires that what we do and how we do it needs to change. Sometimes inclusion means shifting our focus. We recognize that this can be uncomfortable for those who don’t see the need for change. But it’s imperative and long overdue for those who haven’t benefited from the status quo. 

Representation matters

As a community of audio-visual creators, we understand that our images and words matter. When it comes to feeling like you belong, representation matters behind the camera as much as on the screen. We believe by amplifying diverse voices we make space for others to tell their own stories and share their vision for our industry’s future. We believe it’s especially important to celebrate those who become Directors, Producers, and executives because they are decision makers with the power to elevate people beyond entry-level jobs.

It’s a group effort

We are so proud of the members, volunteers, and board members who have stepped up to lead this work, and we welcome anyone in the community to join in. It’s not easy work, and we don’t have all the answers, but together we believe we can create an organization and an industry that all can be part of, and all can be proud of. 

Please join us in this journey, engage in challenging conversations, and seek ways to meaningfully contribute. Be part of our future—one that celebrates creative work by professionals of all identities, backgrounds, and abilities.

Yes, you can get involved in this vital work! Email diversitychair@ompa.org and find out how you can help.

Read more about OMPA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, and the professionals in our community who are leading them:

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