FORTITUDE: The Loveridge Family | Take two.  Next generation stuff.  Beyond metaphors.

How the Loveridge family of filmmakers survived the pandemic. Even though there might be light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, my sense of time […]

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Evaluating OMPA through an equity lens | 2021 Board Retreat Outcomes

Every year, OMPA’s Board of Directors gathers to set the overall vision for the next few years and elect its “officers” for the year ahead. […]

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Resources for Asian-Americans & Pacific Islanders & How Allies can Support AAPI

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Asians of all origins have faced increased racism, violence, and discrimination. As creators, we should be especially offended by this abhorrent trend. Much of this hate has been created and/or driven by incredibly biased and inaccurate media sources.

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Statement on OMPA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

We believe in embracing diverse perspectives, supporting equitable access to opportunities, and creating inclusive environments that are supportive and welcoming to all. This vision requires that what we do and how we do it needs to change. Sometimes inclusion means shifting our focus. We recognize that this can be uncomfortable for those who don’t see the need for change—but it’s imperative and long overdue for those who haven’t benefited from the status quo.

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Update on OMPA’s advocacy work for the 2021 legislative session

We have a busy 2021 advocacy agenda this year, between the legislative session and work with the City of Portland. See where we’re at on some of our key advocacy efforts.

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