Jerry Bell Jr. | Independent Producer & Director, SAG-AFTRA Actor

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Jerry Bell Jr. | Independent Producer & Director, SAG-AFTRA Actor

Jerry Bell Jr. is an award-winning independent film director, producer, SAG/AFTRA actor, event host, motivational speaker, and emcee. He also served an 8-year tenure in the US Air Force as a radar technician and satellite communications technician (with an honorable discharge).

He first came to Portland as an engineering technician for Intel in 1998. During his 16 years at Intel, he earned a BA and MA in Business. As he became affiliated with the Portland arts community, his passion for the film industry was ignited. In 2014 he said farewell to the corporate world in order to pursue a career in the arts.

JBj’s acting credits include the TV shows Z Nation, The Librarians, The Wonder Girls, and Grimm, plus a number of national TV commercials. He’s most notably recognized for his role in the 2014 Swiffer commercial as the beloved Swiffer Dad, played alongside his son, Jerry Bell Jr. III.

JBj has been recognized with such honors as: Best Actor in Portland by Willamette Week, Best Director for Angela’s Sacred Heart, and Best Director for Red White & Black, which also won Best Biographical Documentary.

His production company, JBJR Productions, primarily focuses on creating films that address issues challenging our society. With an equity mindset, JBj’s objective is to identify and uplift film industry talents of color and women who are traditionally underserved. He is an inaugural member of OMPA’s Diversity Committee.