Patty Brebner | OMPA Vice President

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Patty Brebner | OMPA Vice President

Director | W+K Studios / JOINT at Wieden+Kennedy

Patty Brebner is the Director of W+K Studios—Wieden + Kennedy’s film and experiential development and production studio. W+K Studios encompasses story development and treatment; live action, animation AR/VR/MX, VFX, and audio production; and W+K’s post facility, Joint.

Patty is responsible for the Studio’s Creator talent and development; finances, operations, and project development; and delivery standards of content from Creators Studio.

Prior to W+K Studios, Patty was Managing Director of W+K’s Portland and New York post production studios, Joint, which has produced some of the industry’s most awarded post work and talent.

Patty has worked with the leadership of W+K for over a decade to develop our creative studio capabilities and ensure it’s comparable to best-in-class production houses in talent, output, and culture; driving innovation in approach and opportunities. She’s collaborated with W+K’s brands across the network and had a hand in producing some of W+K’s most iconic work. Prior to joining W+K, Patty worked in film, music video, and TV production; and as a journalist.