OMPA is pausing some programming for a couple months

We’ve been busy over at OMPA! And with our Communications Manager Lilly moving on to new adventures, we’re pausing some programming, such as the monthly […]

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We’re hiring for a Membership Coordinator immediately!

We’re seeking an Interim Membership Coordinator who loves data and provides excellent customer service. The role will start at 20-40 hours per week, $17-20/hour. It has the potential to become a full-time, permanent position with benefits. (Portland/Remote)

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What’s better than making a statement? Listening & taking action.

The following story is an honest peak into what “doing the work” looks like inside OMPA. It can get messy, but it’s worth it! Here’s where we’re at in June 2021…

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Advocacy in Action: June Update

Your advocacy makes a difference! OMPA just engaged in the busiest advocacy season in our history, and we’re happy to report that we’re starting to see it pay off!

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Evaluating OMPA through an equity lens | 2021 Board Retreat Outcomes

Every year, OMPA’s Board of Directors gathers to set the overall vision for the next few years and elect its “officers” for the year ahead. […]

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