Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) is committed to supporting a thriving and equitable industry in Oregon. We are hard at work this legislative session to pass three bills that will grow the industry and empower new, diverse voices. But this legislative session is unlike any in the past and we need your support. Please join us!

What are the bills?Why should I endorse?

Bills in Session

Senate Bill 43 (SB 43)

This bill extends the media production tax incentive program for another six years.

House Bill 3244 (HB 3244)

This bill expands the incentive program from $14 million to $20 million to encourage more production here in Oregon.

House Bill 3010 (HB 3010)

Developed by OMPA’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee, this bill takes the first step toward creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive productions in Oregon. The bill requires that any production seeking reimbursement from the Oregon Production Incentive Fund (OPIF):

  • have a written diversity, equity, and inclusion policy;
  • make a good-faith effort to hire individuals from underrepresented groups;
  • share hiring data;
  • establish a method for addressing harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct.

Why should my company/organization endorse?

Our industry is an ecosystem, so even if your organization has not directly benefited from the tax incentive programs, the indirect benefits of having a thriving local industry cannot be overstated. No organization is too big or too small to sign on in support! Endorse our legislative slate below and add your organization’s name to our list of supporters now.

Make an Endorsement

YES! My organization endorses Senate Bill 43.
YES! My organization endorses House Bill 3244.
YES! My organization endorses House Bill 3010.

I give OMPA permission to use my organization’s name and logo in their efforts to convince legislators during this 2021 legislative session.
My organization would speak to legislators directly in support, or submit written testimony.


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