Joining a committee is one of the best ways to shape the future of your org and your industry. Below are the committees driving our work in 2021. Find the right place for you to get involved!

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2021 OMPA Committees

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Contact: dei@ompa.org

Develops DEI focused events and programs to help support a thriving and equitable industry. Current projects include the monthly Creatives of Color Oregon (COCO) meetup, Oregon Media Pathways workforce development program, a mobile film festival, and House Bill 3010—a collaboration with Government Affairs Committee.


Annie T Actual Industries

Annie Tonsiengsom

Founder & Executive Producer

Actual Industries

Fran Bittakis

Founder & Creative Director

Joop Joop Creative

Editorial Committee

Contact: editorial@ompa.org

Develops/oversees events and communications that help support a thriving and equitable industry. Projects may include business resources, political advocacy, and/or connecting our professional network.


Sommer Martin

Sommer Martin

Founder & CEO, Sommer Camp Productions

Director, Downtown Marketing, Portland Business Alliance

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Executive Committee 

Contact: executive@ompa.org

The EC takes the lead in setting strategic vision, and ensuring OMPA maintains a sustainable business.

*This “committee” is voted in by the board at the annual retreat. It is not open to join.*


Annie Tonsiengsom & Patty Brebner


RaShaunda Brooks, Jason Chau, Nisha Burton

Government Affairs Committee 

Contact: governmentaffairs@ompa.org

This committee leads our efforts to support a thriving and equitable industry through advocacy. It involves relationship-building with city and state legislators, developing policy, enacting grassroots lobbying strategies, and much more.

The Incentives Sub-Committee that developed HB 3010 sits under Government Affairs. Portland indie filmmakers Dawn Jones Redstone and Ashley Mellinger are Co-Chairs.


cdavid cottrill

Business Agent, IATSE Local 488

Co-Chair seat available!

Email if you’re interested.

Incentives Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Dawn Jones Redstone, Service & Inspiration Award

Dawn Jones Redstone

Writer/Director, Hearts+Sparks Productions

Ashley Mellinger

Actor, Producer, Co-Owner—Desert Island Studios

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Membership Committee 

Contact: membership@ompa.org

How OMPA sustains its business by recruiting, retaining and recognizing members.


Magda Serpa

Freelance 2nd Assistant Director (DGA)

Rachel Bradford

Independent Commercial Production Manager

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Nominating & Elections Committee

Contact: nominations@ompa.org

How OMPA sustains its business and lives up to its mission by cultivating new leaders.


RaShaunda Brooks

Project Coordinator, Open Signal Labs

Melanie Coombs

Line Producer/ Production Supervisor, ShadowMachine/ Wooden Boy Productions

Showcase & Awards 

Contact: showcase@ompa.org

How OMPA supports a thriving and equitable industry via the Showcase and Awards event.


Ime Etuk

Independent Producer, Director & AD (DGA)

Melanie Coombs

Line Producer/ Production Supervisor, ShadowMachine/ Wooden Boy Productions

Website Task Force

Contact: website@ompa.org

How OMPA supports a thriving and equitable industry by leveraging the website for advocacy, connecting talent to opportunities and providing business resources.


Nisha Burton

CMO & Co-Founder, Reflective Brands; Design Reality

Committee FAQs

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Committee members should expect to volunteer an average of 5 hours/month. You’ll help move committee projects forward between monthly meetings.

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Membership Committee
Nominating & Elections Committee
Showcase & Awards Committee
Website Task Force
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