____  OMPA PROGRAMS  _________________________________


Mission: To showcase the depth of talent and resources in Oregon's media production industry; To make strategic decisions regarding categories,
inclusivity, format and distribution of Oregon's media production directory, SourceOregon.

Mission: To retain current members and encourage new memberships in the OMPA; To review membership benefits and consider new member benefit opportunities.

Mission: To operate and maximize profits of the OMPA Final Cut Classic fundraising event.

Programming & Education
Mission:  To assist in making OMPA a relevant and interdisciplinary industry association by attracting, serving and maintaining members with engaging information and networking events in a variety of program areas.

Government Affairs
Mission: To promote the development, growth and enhancement of the media production industry to elected leadership.

Business Development
Mission: To develop strategic plans for increasing the number of jobs in Oregon's production industry, both by 1) Promoting the advantages of doing production business in Oregon to attract business from out of state, and 2) Cultivating project budgets within Oregon businesses.

Mission: To publicize and administrate the Edward Gustamante Media Arts Education Fund and other OMPA scholarship programs.

Mission: To explore and implement opportunities for increased revenue to the OMPA.

Mission: To publicize OMPA's role in supporting industry growth and our value to the industry.

New Media
Mission: To integrate new formats for display and distribution into OMPA's existing programs

Mission: Operate a weekly email, monthly newsletter and job postings to OMPA membership; Maintain www.ompa.org; Respond to inquiries from members, general public, press and other institutions.

OMPA's programs are operated with oversight from the OMPA Board of Directors. Many programs hold regular meetings. Get involved by showing up to a meeting, or contacting the board member in charge. It's a great way to get involved in the OMPA and in the industry in general.