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2018 OMPA Board of Directors Voting Opens Today!

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Voting is now open for the four open positions on the 2018 OMPA Board of Directors. Below you will find bios and statements of interest from our five candidates, a link to vote is at the bottom of the page. Thank you for participating, your voice matters!


Director of Operations and Production – Bent Image Lab

I am very interested in a position on the Board of the OMPA. I have an extensive background in operations, production, and management in film, television and commercial production, and would like to put those skills to work for you. Film, Television, commercial and digital production is such an important part of the state economy, and OMPA sets the tone for achieving industry success in Oregon. I would love to be a part of such an innovative and important team who demonstrates continued excellence within the industry and does such a great job advocating for its members, as well as Oregon production industry as a whole.

For most of my professional career, I have been fortunate to work in film, television, and commercial production. I started in the industry in LA in a law firm that specializes in criminal tax, representing individuals and studios who’s careers centered around production in Hollywood. I began my studio production experience working at Animal Logic working in their commercial division, followed by working on the Lego Movie. The bulk of my experience comes from working at The Mill, where I had the opportunity to manage a commercial/film visual effects studio. My persuasive and formidable leadership skills allowed me to successfully manage teams of 15-30 staff and indirectly oversee 350 – 600 artists across offices located in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Following this, I freelanced at Imaginary Forces, before moving up to Portland to work at Bent Image Lab. Bent has enabled my introduction into the Oregon production scene. Oregon is my home now. My family’s long term stability in Oregon is important to me. I want to help make a difference that can help us all for the long term.

I believe that my aforementioned experience, along with my educational background, work ethics, and ability to generalize new skills provides me with the knowledge and tools required to be a valuable board member of the OMPA. I am confident that I can provide aid to the current board, as well as learn so much more about Oregon’s production landscape from the other board members. Furthermore, I believe one of my strongest skill sets is bringing talent of all disciplines together and assisting them to network with each other, as well as help them to promote their own agendas.


SALLY DESIPIO Independent Producer

I’ve produced content for various platforms for more than 25 years – since the old days when they used to call it Entertainment. I created and executive produced Behind the Music series for MTV, then moved to LA to make some award winning TV specials and eventually scripted series. I’ve had the honor of working with many of Hollywood’s finest, as well as its most crazy and insane. Most recently I worked for Wieden+Kennedy with Patty Brebner, creating branded content for some of our global brands. While there I sold a scripted series, UNREAL, to Lifetime TV, which I’m still one of several Executive Producers on. My work has won a couple of Peabody awards, People’s Choice, and a few marketing Lionnes. I’m currently an independent producer shepherding several of my own projects up the hill.

I’m an advocate for boosting the presence of Oregon’s film industry.  As everyone who knows me and is presently on the board can vouch, I have a pretty strong voice and I’m not afraid to use it. I hope to help both spread our community and advocate as needed in Salem and elsewhere.


Independent Producer/OMPA Board President

The first thing I did when I made the transition from advertising to film & television was join OMPA. To me, it was a logical decision: if I want to get to know the ins-and-outs of a particular industry, one of the best things to do is join the professional organization that supports and promotes that industry. Much of the success I enjoy today is a direct result of that membership and the relationships that resulted. The networking opportunities alone are worth the dues! Since that time, I have given back to OMPA by serving on the Board of Directors for two terms, and currently serve as the Board President. I have seen the organization go through leadership transitions, legislative challenges, changes in programming, shifting member needs, and even an office move – but what stands out to me the most about OMPA is the passion and drive within our membership! It would be an honor and privilege to continue to see the organization grow and develop in the next chapter.

I spent a considerable amount of time in the office during the past 3 months, managing workflow and staff during our transition in leadership, and led the search for our new executive director. This provided me the opportunity to do a deep dive into the finances, develop stakeholder relationships, and get a better sense of member’s short- and long-term needs. I hope to continue my board service to include new partnerships and programming to meet the ever-changing needs of our members.


LAIKA Creative Recruiter

Angela has a degree in International Business Management, with a Minor in Chinese, and  has been working as a Recruiter in the feature film industry since 2010. Angela started her career in Beijing, China at Base FX where she was both a recruiter and Client Relations Manager for foreign clientele. After leaving Base FX she decided to move west and found herself in Vancouver, Canada where she worked at Prime Focus and a Stereo Conversion Studio called Gener8. In 2015, Angela made her return to the US to work as a Creative Recruiter at LAIKA.

“I am honored to be in consideration as a member of the board, and feel that I could be a great addition to OMPA. I have always been an advocate for artists, and believe that Oregon can benefit from making Portland an economy of scale for the Stop Motion industry. Keeping artists local and making sure they have consistent employment opportunities is a huge goal for me. Having a robust production economy is essential for attracting the right talent and as a recruiter this would only make my work much easier. Additionally, artists will feel more secure making a move and settling down in Oregon as they know they will have access to steady and continuous work. Having large pools of local artists for studios to call upon will save businesses money as they won’t have to relocate them. On top of that, studios can bid for more work because they will have access to a larger workforce to complete it. I have championed Reverse Recruitment efforts at several studios, including here at LAIKA. It has been a successful way to share talent and create a collaborative  network with other local studios. Aside from bringing talent here to Oregon, I am also very interested in helping to create training programs and workshops that will develop “home grown” talent. By consulting and working with local schools to adapt their curriculum; it will tremendously help boost this local pool. It is so important for the cultivation of this industry and our community to work together, and I would like to do all that I can to help.”


Independent Production Accountant

Robin’s 25 years of experience started in LA as a Controller for live action film production companies with an eventual shift to VP of Finance for an animated film and television studio (producing Duckman, Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, Rocket Power to name a few) including a commercial division and record label. Upon moving to Portland, Robin continued working on animated films and television series for an LA studio with clients including Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, DC Comics, Disney, MTV Networks, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Turner Networks.

Locally, Robin has worked on Portlandia Seasons 2 through 8, the Comedy Central animated series Jeff and Some Aliens, and various Warner Bros. live action productions for The CW Television Network. Robin also does the accounting for various small businesses in the Portland area.

“I believe OMPA would benefit from my position as a “behind the scenes” crew member and bring added value to the creative, on-set, producer oriented positions. I understand the essential roles film financing, accounting and back office support bring to a production. I’m also aware of the opportunities and challenges we face in reporting requirements, labor and union regulations and the use of film tax incentives.

My service to OMPA can help foster a greater awareness for new creatives to look at a career in production finance and accounting. Additionally, my deep experience in accounting and my networks in the animation sector can help build a bridge to increase the engagement of and membership from the animation community. Having had the past experience as a board member and as a board treasurer, I have seen how organizations can prosper when financials are understood and managed effectively by supporting the financial work of the executive director. Thank you for your consideration!”


Using the above link, please vote for 4 candidates that you feel are best suited to fill the open positions within the Board of Directors. This survey is limited to OMPA Members only, thank you. Voting closes on Thursday, January 18th, and the new Board Members will be announced at the Annual Meeting at the Hollywood Theatre on Monday, Jan 22nd, 2018. Doors open at 6:30 pm, presentation starts at 7:30 pm. Food & drink provided. RSVP here.